29 Juli 2009

I Am Me

I am not an actor; however I would love to reveal my true feelings to the lovely person beside me.

I am not a shopping addict; however I find it irresistible to satisfy my desires.

I am not a sport fan; however I will not miss out to appreciate fabulous moments.

I am not a photographer; however I like capturing real moments in our lives.

I am not a kid; however I can’t resist the excitement with the people I am with.

I am not a dancer; however I don’t hold myself back when expressing my happiness.

I am not a singer; however I love to let my hair down and groove to the music.

I am not a Superman; however I smile at my own accomplishments.

I am not a chef; however I like to relish the delicacy with her.

I am not a superstar; however I enjoy my radiance reflected by her body.

I am not a model; however I derive inspiration from my movements.

I am not an acrobat; however I love to challenge the ultimate instead of shouting out loud.

I am me.

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