26 Juni 2010

Don't Think, Just Write

Okay, so, I'm sitting in the front of my notebook and umm... trying to write something in English. Well, anything. But you know, I just can't find any idea. Do you have any idea? Well, so I just write what does my heart say, haha. Maybe it's not the good one, but I just try to make some writings in English, because honestly, I'm not good in English writing. What about speaking? Hmm... well, I can't even say that it's good, but I think I have a courage in engaging foreigners whom I met to talk (of course in English).

Anyway, I think I find something to say. Hmm... you know, I'm thinking that people have changed so far. Well, the word "people" refers to my friends. I mean, people change, when they grow up, their habits, their attitudes, their mind about something, well, everything's changed. And, so do I. I've changed. There are so many things in my life. My school life was really different than my campus life. Well, I thought it would be just the same. But it is not. Things become more complicated. Everything. You know, life, study, friends, relatives, even love. But this change, this difference between our past and our current life, really make up our mind. This change really changes all of us. Really. The problem is whether the change is positive or negative. I won't say that I'm the best one in observing my friends who change so far. No, but of course we can look to ourselves what change has we made? Is it something positive or negative? Only us who can answer the question. Hmm... you know what? Actually I'm not sure about the direction of my writing, haha. Okay, let's change another topic.

Hmm... okay, talking about love, well it's something interesting, but I have never wrote anything about love before, haha. Well, if you ask the reason why, I will answer that I can't express what I'm thinking or what I'm feeling about love in writing. It's something complicated, and you know that. Well, some people are really good in making some love poems, in making some love quotations, but not for me. Haha, you know, it's something hard for me. Yes, love always makes me can't think clearly. I prefer to face some difficult problems to face a single love problem. Well, in case I'm a boy (of course), love it's something about girl. Exactly. So, that's the basic. Girl. Then, if we talk about girl, we talk about how they act, how they express theirselves, how they use their heart (almost in every situation), and many more. To be honest, I've interacted with girls since I was a very little boy. Well, logically, I should have became someone who really understand about girls. In fact, no. Really. It's something difficult. But then again, I think that not all people, especially boys, feel just like the way I feel. Some boys, you know, become so easy in getting a/some girl(s). Well, I thought that it was a gift that God's given to him/them, haha. While, some boys, well, someone like me, haha, really not good in facing the "girls problems". Some friends of mine keep reminding me like: "Go get your girl!", and I said, "Well, I'd like to, but which one?", then he/she said: "Gosh, in this big big world, there must be someone who you like, well, get someone!", and then again I reply: "Haha, yeah, you're 100% right, but I just can't find the one." She/he said again: "You can't find it for sure if you don't try to find it by yourself." And yes, they're right. Some people said that let the love finds you. Umm... well, it's not 100% wrong, but we can't say that it's 100% true. You know why? Because you are the one who must catch your own dreams, in this case, love. You must find it yourself, not just waiting. You know, just like money, haha, you won't get rich if you don't try to be rich (work hard), right? So, the same situation happen in "love things". Find it, or you'll get nothing, really.

Well, it seems like I am the wise one, haha. No, I am not. It just about what I feel, what I think in my mind. Well, this is my second note in English. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to give your comments (if you read it and you'd like to say something). And umm... it's 5:51 AM here, and it feels like I've got a stomach ache, so, I'm going to the toilet, and that's all!

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