26 Juni 2010

The Satan Told Me

Recognize me? I am your dear, Abaleeso (Iblis). I've been living with you, Son of Adam. Eating, drinking, and sleeping with you. And you’re not aware of anything. Remember? Remember when I tricked you and you were kicked out of Paradise (Al-Jannah)? Since then Allah has been warning you. But you’re an idiot! You only listen to me. If you love Allah why do you disobey Him? If you hate me why do you listen to me? And after all that you still want to return to heaven? Yeah alright!

I have thousands of years of experience in fooling and seducing you, and laughing at you. And you have always proven to be an idiot. You are a piece of mud, and you will always be that way. I can shape you the way I want. Although I can’t do anything to you, the most I can do is whisper a couple of words to you and you’ll listen and quickly do as I say.

I know that if I tell you go and worship an idol you will refuse. You will pretend to be religious and honest to your God. But you are the biggest liar! Do you deny it? Deny that I made you worship all that is around you, including yourself, and your pride? I've made you worship money, sex, and appeamces. I've made you worship everything of no value. I drove you to worship cigarette. Fire (An-Naar), flame tar, sickness, disgust, a piece of me. I made you worship it just for my sake. It makes you confident. It fits your mood. There isn’t a verse in Quran that says that tobacco and smoking are forbidden.

You see! You are the one fooling yourself. Not me! I’m just encouraging your stupidity. I will burn you the same way you are burning your cigarette. I'll step on you. You want to go back to Paradise (Al-Jannah)? Over my dead body! I was damned and so you must follow! I'll chase you and I've got all the time, Son of Adam.

“Surely the Satan is your enemy, so treat him for an enemy. He only invites his hizb (followers) that they may become the dwellers of the blazing fire.”
(QS Faathir [35]: 6)

(Sumber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMZo5Wp3WBE&feature=related)

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