20 September 2011

Something About Relationship

Pagi tadi, sebelum berangkat kuliah, gue menemukan suatu posting-an di Tumblr yang gue pikir cukup menarik untuk ditelaah. Berikut ini isinya:

I don’t view relationships as finding someone to get married to. I view them as paths crossing, and sharing your life with someone you care about. But people change, their prospects change, and they have different goals in life. Sometimes those paths diverge and end up going in separate directions. If a relationship works out, then that’s great. But if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. All that matters is the special bond you shared with that other person for that temporary length of time—that secret part of you which you chose to reveal to them and can never take back. It changes you as a person. Forever.
Jadi, bagaimana menurutmu? Apakah benar begitu?

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