09 September 2012

Some People Love to Criticize

Some people love to criticize. They just love it. They just do it. Some people love to complain many things, even a very simple thing. Some people love to be a center of attention and somehow they show themselves in public by criticizing many things.

These people thought that other people might see them as the people who think out of the box. But the more they criticize things (or people), the more they feel that they're the only who can see different than the others. They'll probably think that others cannot see what is actually happen in this world. They'll probably think that others cannot see what people actually need. But the good news is that these people think (and feel) that they know what is really happen. They think (and feel) that they know exactly what is wrong and even some of these people do have the solution.

Yes, some of these people have the solutions for the problem they criticize. But the only problem is that these people do not like to take any action. They just speak! They just tell what they think as the real problem and some give the solutions for the problems. But they never start to be the first to make changes. They think, by speaking, by telling their opinion or their point of view to the public have made a little step to change the world. Well, it's not. It won't change anything.

They think that they have to speak when they see there's something wrong. That's true. But what make them wrong is when they just speak but they don't do anything to change it. They just speak and give some suggestions to others. They think that the job to change the world is not their destiny; it's the others' destiny. Not theirs. Of course we can imagine what will happen if everyone in this world think like this. We know that there's something wrong. We speak and we share our opinion about what we should do. but none of us takes action to start the change. No one. So, the change is just a dream. A dream that is live in our mind. But we don't do anything.

So, stop thinking that it is the others' destiny to make a change. No, it is our destiny. We all have a responsibility to make a change if we think and we know that something has to be changed. So, instead of keep talking and criticizing it, change it! But then again, some people do  love to criticize. Yes, they just love it. You know, they just do it.

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