19 Agustus 2013

Last Night! #EgyptianInterview Part 2

Ini adalah materi tweet saya semalam yang memaparkan hasil diskusi saya bersama 11 orang Mesir yang saya temui secara acak untuk mengetahui bagaimana pandangan mereka terhadap konflik di Mesir yang masih terjadi hingga hari ini. Semoga bermanfaat!


Malam tweeps, saya akan menyambung wawancara saya ke orang-orang Mesir terkait konflik yang terjadi di negara mereka. Pagi ini saya berdiskusi dengan 11 orang Mesir usia 20 - 40 tahun. Saya tidak kenal mereka sebelumnya dan saya pilih secara acak dari situs Interpals.

Saya (kembali) menanyakan berbagai hal terkait konflik yang terjadi di Mesir saat ini untuk melihat perspektif lain, khususnya dari orang Mesir langsung. Ini saya lakukan karena ada banyak permintaan dan tanggapan dari hasil wawancara saya dengan salah satu teman Mesir saya kemarin yang saya publikasikan di media-media sosial.

Banyak orang menganggap satu orang tidaklah representatif, apalagi jika orang itu adalah seorang teman. Itu memang benar, teman (Mesir) saya itu tidak bisa mewakili "kebenaran" yang sebenarnya terjadi. Dan lagipula saya memang tidak berniat untuk "menyerukan" kebenaran, niatnya murni untuk memberikan alternatif perspektif dan mudah-mudahan bermanfaat dan menambah wawasan.

Kenapa begitu? Karena saya sedih kalau orang Indonesia kerap terlalu cepat mengambil kesimpulan yang jatuhnya L-A-T-A-H, tanpa tahu betul isunya apa. Saya tidak mengaku sebagai orang yang tahu/paham betul soal ini, sama sekali tidak, hanya saja, saya mencoba untuk memberikan pandangan lain dengan berusaha tanya dengan mereka yang tinggal di daerah konflik dan (mudah-mudahan) lebih tahu kejadian sebenarnya.

Oke, cukup "prolognya", sekarang saya mulai hasil wawancara saya dengan 11 orang Mesir. #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: I'm sorry about the chaos in Cairo, yet I'm very curious about what is actually going on in the country. Do you mind telling me, as in Indonesia, lots of people give their support to the Egyptians; Morsi's side. #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Nour: Morsi & IM, worked for their benefit, so the people made a revolution which was occurred in 30/6, people dropped Morsi, and when that happen, people is threatened by his group and his supporters with sabotage and terrorism. IM were given more than a month to leave & not terrorize people & they refused they used their weapons to strike military and police, vandalism and burning Cairo. #EgyptianInterview

Omnia: Media out of Egypt doesn't show the truth at all. We protested peacefully against Mursi as his policy was stupid and made Egypt so down. And the army supported people. And then IM protested and want Mursi back, but it was not a peaceful protests as media showed. IM, they have various weapons. They tortured people who doesn't support them. When the police tried to stop them, they go everywhere, killing people, destroy shops, putting bombs in many places, burn churches, attacking governmental buildings and police offices, and kill policemen and slaughter them. They are terrorists, I can't even call them Muslims. #EgyptianInterview

Ahmed: The situation is bad, but people outside Egypt are too overreacted. For me, I'm against Mursi, but I didn't want the army or police do something to the Ikhwann Muslimin protesters. But I've seen that some of these protesters have weapons and abuse it, they are terroring and fire buildings. And so the police should act towards that, and that is allowed in the national law. #EgyptianInterview

Yehya:  I don't support Morsi as he wasn`t a good president and he was trying to establish a dictatorial regime in Egypt and he wasn't democratic and he ignored all the political parties and he ignored their opinions. So, he was only seeing himself and his party. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud: Everyone now against Ikhwannul. Media make them as a terrorist and police and army f*ck them and shoot them. And now you can't go out to the streets and say what you want because you will be arrested. I hate the military rules and I against the coup (coup d'etat). #EgyptianInterview

Maged: Things are very complicated here. Morsy and IM has lost all the people who support them because they are just liars and terrorist. He asked his supporters to go out and use violence and now they have guns, kill people, burn buildings and cars, kill soldiers, have lots of money for the support from other countries, etc. So there is a curfew now in Egypt and all the people are united with the police and army against them. By the way, most people here are Muslims, and no one is against Islam, but they are all against IM. #EgyptianInterview

Mohamed: The situation here is so hard. There are many people killed every day. That's because they want Morsy. He is the greatest president for Egypt. I'm sad about what happen here.

Mahmoud (2): Now in Egypt, the police and armed forces kills thousands of people because they plan for Islam to the world. Saudi king and UAE king also afraid from the success of Muslim Brothers in Egypt. They're afraid about their position at the head of the country. So they planned with their friends in Israel and US to the military, to make coup d'etat, and then they started killing all people who want Morsy. I have many friend killed. Now we fight all the world in Egypt. Now only Sisy who drives the crises; only him who give orders to kill. #EgyptianInterview

Aasem: All media against Sisi because they show him as a killer. But you have to know that the supporters of Sisi also against any coup d'etat. But I wanna my country to be better without any terror. Lots of people have a fear of Muslims Brotherhood. They had the power to run the country and they took every single position in the country. And when you ask them why?  They say that they're doing this for country to be better. We believed them, but after one year nothing good happened. So, we said enough and we asked Morsi to resign and he refused. So people asked El Sisi to come and protect them from the Muslims Brotherhood. So he came as lots of people, around 30 million, asked him for that. So, El Sisi has the power from a lot of people to do what you see in media. But I wanna tell you that there is no channel that going neutral. #EgyptianInterview

Ahmed (2): All I know is that IM started to make a chaos to make Mursi back and we can't live normally. We are a Muslim country, so you can't came here and told us to learn Islam. IM did that. The IM uses Islam as a tool to reach the government. Some people said that US supports them, but who knows? #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: Did Mursi made lots of progress for Egypt during his periode as the president? I heard that in Egypt, during his time, people had no jobs, no homes, no money no food, everything was chaos. Is that true? #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Samar: Morsi! No, Morsi for the first time in Egypt, we make a tablet made in Egypt and helicopter. He cares about the poor people, he opened new projects in Egypt to make people find jobs. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud (2): No, not true. Only media says that. And all the crises during his period was made by the armed forces. They planned for his fail during his period, but when they failed and found him did many progress in Egypt, they decided the coup d'etat. #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: So, why actually people don't want Mursi? I mean, what make people don't like him and want him to step out? Did he make something wrong to the country? #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Omnia: He made everything wrong and stupid! They made the constitution that only serves their own interest he didn't care of what people want. He just care to his people the Muslim Brotherhood. We protested against them many times so he can make changes of what people want, but he never listened. He destroyed our good relation with many countries. So people decided they will protest at last to relegate or move him out. #EgyptianInterview

Ahmed: He didn't do anything right actually. He couldn't manage the problems of electricity and gasoline. We had the very bad constitution. His constitutional declaration that force his decisions that can't be objected all the government and the prosecutor he got was occupation from his political party. The approval of the building of dam in Ethiopia that will have bad effects on water in Egypt & many other things. #EgyptianInterview

Ahmed (2): Did he make anything wrong? Well, do you like a puppet president? Do you like a president who gave your resources to another country? #EgyptianInterview

Yehya: Well, he wasn't a democratic president. He was only seeing himself, his party & ignore the other political parties. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud: Yes, he was bad too, but he never kill a huge number of people. The military and police kill more than 700 since the coup start! Though he didnt do something right either. He promised people that he can change Egypt in 1 year, but nothing happened, so people didn't like him. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud (2): Actually, Mursi wanted Egypt to be strong. He wanted to produce our food and the manufacure of all our needs. But US doesn't like that. US controls our armed forces. I said many times, most of people with Morsy. And the demonstration against him was from Christian and police and Mubarak's men. #EgyptianInterview

Aasem: Actually Mosri couldn't do anything, we got much more problems and he and the Muslims Brotherhood are very very arrogant and they did the most dangerous thing happens in one country. They divided people into two sides. If you are not with us, you are against us and you are from the past regime. No one can say now who is  the good side, but if you can see another chanels, you will see the Muslims Brotherhood firing building and kill people too! They are not an angels. Believe me, you just know the situation from the media. People here hate Morsi, except the the Muslims Brotherhood. #EgyptianInterview

Maged: It's because he belongs to a group called MB (IM) and they are speaking in the name of Islam and religion to convince people to be with them, yet they are just liars and all they want are their benefits. He ruled for more than 1 year and everything even got worse. No electricity, no water, no car fuels, no money, no work, no tourism, etc. So, he has ruined Egypt, so people are protesting to get him out because people had discovered his bad face and they only want the benefits (with IM), so now people, police and army are all against them. #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: So, actually, it was a coup d'etat right? So does it mean that, the military is the good side and they actually try to "save" the situation in Egypt? But you know, even though Mursi is elected on the election, do you think that to force him down is the right to do? I mean, let's say, in the name of democracy, etc.? #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Ahmed: No! It's not a coup at all! The military approved millions of people request of the early elections and gave Mursi time to do this but he refuesed and on the contrary, Mursi's last speech contained sedition for blood to save his rule, so military saved the situation. Look, the democracy is the opinion of people, and has many ways to show it elections is only one way, but people in all cities of the country got out in the streets on 30/6 to say that they don't want his rule and that's fair enough. #EgyptianInterview

Ahmed (2): Democracy it's a game, and they laughed at us by democracy. We didn't want both Mursi or Shafik (the one against Mursi on the election). We want someone who can make Egypt higher and will dream about that till last breath. #EgyptianInterview

Yehya: It was the right way when we see him pose a danger to the national security of Egypt. He forced the military to not coup with the Islamist militants in Cena because they were voting for him and he didn't care about what they do. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud: Look, some people want Mursi and others don't. But, that is not how democracy works. So, army take a side with people who don't want Morsi, so army did a coup. So, when people who want Morsi went to street and refuse what army did, the army killed them, and till now more than 1000 people killed, and some TVs which refuse of what the army did, the army closed them. #EgyptianInterview

Maged: No, that wasn't a coup. He was given 2 days and he could have made elections to ask people if they wanted or not, but he didn't and he gave a stupid speech urging for violence and saying that he will not quit. Democracy was, that most people were against him so that's democracy and there was no other choice. There were 33 million people protesting all over Egypt and that was the biggest number of political gathering of all man kind. Before he ruled, he said that if anyone protested against me when his rule he will step away at once, and there were 33 million people protesting against him and he didn't. #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: Who is actually killing and killed these days? I heard that it was IM who actually killed the people but then the media told that it was the military who was responsible to the crime. #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Ahmed: Well, if someone told you not to pass this limit because your life will be in danger, and you passed it, who you will blame? #EgyptianInterview

Yehya: The situation here is very complicated. It is hard to say who kill who in the demonstrations. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud: The media now tell people that army and police are face the terrorism and it gives them like a permission to kill anyone against that, to close any TV, to f*ck anyone, and for sorry a lot of people believe what the local media said. #EgyptianInterview

Aasem: The killed people are all Egyptians and we are very sad about them. But there is a lot of confusing thing you will not understand now, but it will be clear soon. Finally, don't take your information from one media. See more than one, and see the picture and videos and you will see, I will send a video to you, one from the Muslims Brotherhood, he was acting he was injured from the army, and when the doctor wanna fix him, he didn't found anything and this patient kicked him because he only want to take a picture and show to people like you that they are killed, watch this: http://youtu.be/WeMXe6MB0gE

Maged: As I told you, the ones who are killing the people are MB (IM) and their people. #EgyptianInterview

Q: ------------------

Fauzan: Do you have any message to the people in Indonesia, who are mostly pay lots of attention to the current situation in your country--and in fact, most people support Mursi--regarding this condition? #EgyptianInterview

A: ------------------

Ahmed (2): I just want to say, we have some problems here and that our businesses. If you really need help, just ask Allah for peace for Egypt. But don't support any side against another side , cause you will lose part of them. Just be neutral. #EgyptianInterview

Yehya: I hope the media could be neutral and don't mention one side. I hope they mention the both sides because the backers of Mursi also killed police officers by using the automatic rifles. Ssome of the backers of Mursi are militants & they don't believe in democracy. #EgyptianInterview

Mahmoud (2): I really don't know. But you have a brain; your brain should be working. We work for Allah only. We don't want support from any others. #EgyptianInterview

Aasem: I told them that we are all Muslims, so we have to be one unit and it's not about Islam and Muslim Brotherhood makes this situation against Islam. We want a president who can run a huge country like Egypt, and he can make all the Egyptians one unit again; Muslim and Christian, Liberal  and Muslims Brotherhood. We need all of this people to make our country better. Finally, I wanna say we don't know yet who in the right side but just see the other side, what he says and his opinion that's it. Anyway, you will not understand Arabic, but ofcourse you will understand the actions of this guy in black; he is a cop and this mother is one of the protestors: http://on.fb.me/14UOps1

Maged: The message is that people here know what they do and no one of here has ever interfered or told you that we support or not support your president they don't live here and they don't know what's happening here so they should respect what people here want. #EgyptianInterview


That's all! Dari 11 orang yang saya pilih secara random, ternyata 2 orang Pro dengan Mursi, 1 orang cukup netral, sisanya kontra. Sayangnya, dua orang yang pro Mursi ini, kurang mau menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan saya, dan cenderung "out of context", sedangkan dari mereka yang kontra, masih ada pembagiannya lagi. Di tim kontra, tidak semuanya juga mendukung aksi kudeta.

Namun, sebagian lagi juga menganggap aksi tersebut bukanlah kudeta, itu sah-sah saja karena memang Mursi sudah diberi tenggat waktu 2x24 jam. Untuk memberikan solusi atas permasalahan di Mesir yang sedang kacau.

Menurut Maged, sebelum terpilih, Mursi mengatakan bahwa jika dalam masa kepemimpinannya ada aksi protes, ia akan mundur.

"There were 33 million people protesting against him and he didn't step away," kata Maged.

Terkait pesan untuk orang Indonesia yang ingin mereka sampaikan, cukup mengejutkan (menurut saya), atau setidaknya tadinya saya pikir mereka akan mengucapkan semacam terima kasih atas dukungan yang telah diberikan negara ini. Namun, ternyata tidak. Mahmoud (2)--ada dua Mahmoud kebetulan, salah satu yang pro Mursi justru mengatakan bahwa ini urusan negara mereka pribadi.

"You have a brain; your brain should be working. We work for Allah only. We don't want support from any others," kata Mahmoud (2)

"We have some problems here and that our businesses," kata Ahmed (2)--juga ada dua Ahmed.

"They don't live here and they don't know what's happening here so they should respect what people here want," kata Maged.

Mungkin, tetap akan ada yang mengatakan bahwa apa yang saya dapat ini tetap belum representatif, tidak mewakili rakyat Mesir keseluruhan. Saya toh tetap tidak pernah mengklaim bahwa apa yang saya dapatkan 100% mencerminkan keadaan sebenarnya, tidak sama sekali. Saya, cuma mau bilang, yok orang Indonesia, saudara-saudara sebangsa setanah air, kita harus lebih cerdas. Dalam hal seperti ini, sebenarnya bukan "ranah" kita untuk menghakimi siapa yang (paling) benar dan (paling) salah. Paling mentok, kita hanya bisa menilai. But please, do not judge. Kita bahkan tidak hidup dan tinggal di sana.

Saya sepakat bahwa yang namanya pembantaian adalah suatu kejahatan yang kejam! Namun, tetap bukan kapasitas kita untuk men-judge. So, please, don't judge. Jangan men-judge yang di sana (Mesir) dan jangan men-judge yang di negeri sendiri, karena itu rasanya sedih banget.

Yah, saya kira cukup sekian untuk malam ini. Kita doakan semoga saudara-saudara kita di Mesir diberi kekuatan untuk mengungkap kebenaran.

Untuk saudara-saudara kita yang di dalam negeri, semoga diberikan kemudahan dalam membuka pikirannya agar tidak hanya terpaku di satu hal. Selamat malam tweeps, semoga bermanfaat. Kita doakan yang terbaik untuk Mesir. Tunggu posting-an saya berikutnya karena saya mendapatkan kabar lain dari.
Anyway, terima kasih banyak atas support yang diberikan. Sebenarnya masih ada banyak mention yang saya terima selama menge-tweet, tapi saya tidak bisa memasukkan semuanya. Saya harap kita semua bisa lebih bijak dalam melihat berbagai isu, apalagi  untuk isu-isu yang sangat sensitif seperi ini. Kita memang sudah sepatutnya bersimpati, bahkan berempati kepada saudara-saudara kita di sana, tapi tetap harus berpikir dengan kepala dingin dan jangan pernah puas dari satu sumber saja. Sekali lagi terima kasih.

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